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Irish Landscape Photographer

Martin O'Grady is the owner of Kerryscapes.com. I have been a resident of County Kerry in South West Ireland since 2002 and I couldn't have picked a better place for taking landscape photographs. I have been interested in photography since my teenage years and I am self-taught having come through the film era and into the digital age. Having a background in computer programming/testing has helped enormously with the post processing part of today's photography workload. I am very passionate about my landscapes and find something new to learn and experience on a daily basis. Through Kerryscapes.com I hope to relay some of this knowledge to anybody who is interested.

My new enterprise (Kate Martins) in high-end fashion designing silk scarves can be found here.

Images on this Website

Landscape Photographs of Ireland

All photographs on this Website are just an indication of the final print quality. The colour and brightness are dependent on your monitor. Having said that I am positive that you will not be disappointed with the final results. I am available at any time should you wish to contact me regarding these images. See my Contact page.

There is also a facility on the image page where you can email a message to a friend along with the photo on that page.

Price Guidelines

Landscape Images of Ireland

All images in the Main Gallery section can be bought by clicking on "Purchase Print". You can then see the prices for the various sizes either for prints or canvases. Standard postage is included. I also offer these for publication as Stock Photography Images of Ireland and County Kerry.

Please contact me for a quote on your requirements.